5 Reasons why you should consider Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Successful online business owners understand the importance of digital marketing and have recognized the critical nature of this platform. Digital marketing is easy to track and measure, it gives detailed insights into customer demographics, intent and costs less than traditional media.

Digital marketing campaigns can be quite complicated to execute and are not meant to run on autopilot. To manage a successful digital marketing campaign You will need qualified professionals, a skill set that is quite expensive to identify & acquire. You may have sufficient knowledge to run these campaigns yourself but you would be stretching yourself thin trying to manage multiple roles. Some activities are better managed by experts in the field and digital marketing is one such activity. Here’s why:

  • Staying current with the industry:

Digital marketing agencies would have the exposure in working with several types of campaigns & verticals. Even if they don’t have experience in the specific type of product/service that you offer, their experience in related fields could be a huge advantage. They can apply their learnings quickly and save you both time and money by using their knowledge. They spend a lot of time & money learning and participating in industry events that give them the edge your internal marketing team may not possess.

  • Cost effective yet quality driven:

Growing businesses cannot afford to have a dedicated marketing team and yet they need to grow fast. This can be achieved by outsourcing your digital marketing to a qualified agency that has the resources and knowledge to manage a campaign like yours. You may not have the ability or experience to manage different marketing strategies like re-marketing, or comparison shopping feeds, but they most certainly will have those skill sets. They can scale with you and keep your cost low while you grow.

  • Better connected:

Your digital marketing agency probably has better connections within the networks (Google, Bing, Facebook) where they could quickly get you access to industry best practices, data insights, and strategies that could be put to work for your campaign. Some of these features are not available to the general public and could be in beta testing which you can get early access to. Since they manage larger budgets across multiple client accounts, they would be able to use that leverage and get you privileged access to some of these early features.

  • Pay for performance:

Most offshore agencies would be willing to have some kind of an incentive structure or performance linked pay structure that would make it a win-win situation. This ensures that your agency team is motivated to deliver results. It is a fact that offshore agencies cost lesser than onshore ones or your own internal marketing team, you could also ask your agency to have a cap on the marketing fee so you don’t end up spending unlimited amounts of money as your campaigns grow. Think of them as your own internal marketing team but its offshore.

  • Saves time & energy:

Instead of spending the whole week discussing and planning a marketing campaign, you will now be spending no more than a couple of hours each week reading reports and measuring performance. This gives you a lot of time to focus on your core business. It is not uncommon to see CEO’s self-manage digital marketing campaigns, but are they really putting their time to best use? Are they using the best possible strategies to derive the maximum results from their investments?  By saving a few dollars are they leaving money on the table? These are some questions you should ask yourself before managing a digital marketing campaign yourself.

Although it feels right to keep marketing efforts in-house because no one understands your business better than you. While that may be true, these agencies can bring a whole range of new skill-set to your marketing campaigns both creative and technical that you may not possess. Outsourcing your digital marketing campaign will give you the bandwidth to focus on your business and apply your time and effort to help it grow. Your agency partner will gain knowledge of your marketing goals overtime and act as an extension of your own team.

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Author: Akbar Lalani
Akbar Lalani is an entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Corelead Interactive. He has over 2 decades of experience in building strategic marketing plans and managed several online brands for small, medium and large companies including Fortune 500 companies.