Do Backlinks still count for SEO?

We have all heard about the backlinks quality issue that got many websites penalized for having unnatural backlinks and poor-quality backlinks. So, does that mean we stop building links to our website? The answer is NO. Backlinks are one of the primary signals that search engines use to rank websites in its search index. If you know your Google history, you would know that Google was originally called “BackRub” They called it BackRub because the key focus was to analyze what kind of backlinks a website has. This was a primary signal to help Google rank websites and it still continues to be till this date.

So what about Meta Tags and Anchor Text?

Meta Tags & Anchor Text are important as well, however, backlinks are given far more weight. Imagine a site with all the proper meta tags in place but no backlinks, a site like that will most probably never be discovered or will only feature on a search for brand keywords.

How do I build High-Quality Backlinks?

It is no longer recommended to enlist the help of link building agencies that promise hundreds of backlinks from unrelated websites, blogs or directories. Instead, you will need to ensure the agency or team managing your backlinks is building links organically or through high-quality content posted on other sites.

Build a Blog

You can start by launching a blog on your own domain if you don’t have one already. This not only provides a great opportunity to build quality links to pages on your website it also helps build high-quality content that sits on your domain.

Post articles on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media sites

Another great way of getting quality backlinks is to post articles with links on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites which your audience is bound to visit.

Build Infographics

Do you have industry data that could be of use to others? You can share this in the form of Infographics (like this article on conversion rate optimization we shared earlier) that can be posted either on your blog or other websites/directories that publish articles. You can create a SlideShare document that can help others share your content with links to your website.

Contribute to Quora

Quora is another great platform to get high-quality backlinks from. If you have information/knowledge that you can share on topics of interest, why not use it to generate some high-quality traffic to your website? There is no shame in inserting a link at the bottom of your response to allow people to know more about you or your services and also contact you. This also serves as a great sales tool to attract new customers based on the information you provide.

Publish Videos

Do you have videos that you can share? You can generate quality backlinks from videos posted to YouTube or other video platforms. Video content development should be part of your overall content strategy. This is a great way to attract traffic and be included in Google’s search results for relevant searches.

Do a Press Release

There are numerous online press release services that will distribute your release to relevant online press sites. If you have a new product launch or a new client case study to talk about, you can highlight your achievement in the form a press release. News sites and article sites are constantly looking for newsworthy content and if you have something to offer, they will happily feature it. Press releases are considered high-quality content because most of these press sites have high domain authority and can act as influencers for your content.

Use Influencers

In this day or social media, influencers are a key marketing component that cannot be ignored. Identify influencers in your area of business and approach them. They can help you get the word out quickly to thousands of potential prospects that matter to your business/brand.

In conclusion, do not stop your link building efforts. There are numerous ways in which you can build high-quality backlinks for your website. Link building needs to be a part of your core search engine optimization strategy and not just limited to meta tags and anchor text.

Author: Akbar Lalani
Akbar Lalani is an entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Corelead Interactive. He has over 2 decades of experience in building strategic marketing plans and managed several online brands for small, medium and large companies including Fortune 500 companies.