Do’s And Don’ts Of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – INFOGRAPHIC

Your landing page’s conversion rate is one of the most important metrics of not just your website but your business. It can depend on numerous factors ranging from the colors used on the page to the customer support your provide to your users. Optimization of your website’s conversion rate is both an art and a science. Here we have listed a few Do’s and Don’t to stick to if you are trying to improve the conversion rate optimization of your website or landing page.



Testing tool:

Use a proper testing tool to carry out your testing. This would ensure accurate results for your tests.

A/B Tests:

Run A/B split tests whenever possible. This would ensure that only 2 variables are tested at a given time and accurate results arrive.

Enough Data:

Always run tests for enough time to arrive at a large set of data before you draw any conclusions.


Set up proper tracking using the right analytics tools. This would ensure that you get the right data for your analysis.

Customer support:

Providing great customer support through various channels online greats helps in improving conversion rate among other things.



Ending Early:

If you end the tests too early, then you would not get enough data to draw the right conclusions.

Many Tests:

Running too many tests at once would result in not able to track the right metrics properly. It would be too chaotic.

No Plan:

Not having a proper plan of action with goals and metrics before starting the CRO process.



Having too many assumptions on what might work and what might not work before getting started with the CRO process.

Wrong Focus:


Focus only on big changes and forgetting little improvements. Focusing on just conversion rate and leaving out other metrics.


Conversion Rate Optimization - Do's And Don'ts
Conversion Rate Optimization – Do’s And Don’ts