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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Corelead for several years now. Their team is extremely bright, driven and knowledgeable in all areas of online marketing (SEM, SEO, and Affiliate). Corelead was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them.

Lomit P
Head of Growth & Acqusition, IMVU

24/7 Live Chat

Live chat has proven not only to boost customer satisfaction but also to increase sales. But often the challenges faced by businesses is to hire staff and manage these services 24/7.

This is where we fit in, we provide trained live chat agents to manage your help desks 24/7 & 365 days a year. Our live chat agents act as an extended part of your team, you customers will get the feeling that they are talking to someone in-house who is part of your staff.

We know that it is critical for online businesses to support their customers round the clock because your website is available round the clock. We can talk to your customers right on your website when they need help the most. Our agents are trained to work with a range of live chat services, if you haven’t identified one yet we are happy to recommend one.

Our agents are industry certified and domain trained to work on a range of verticals. Some of the verticals we have worked on include:

Industry Verticals

Consumer Products
Home Improvement
Financial Services
Jewelry & Fashion

Typical Engagement Scenario

Our steps to go-live include the following:

  • Knowledge transfer — Week 1
  • Documentation & knowledge base preparation – Week 1
  • Mock-tests & supervised email response training – Week 2
  • Live chat on checkout pages – Week 2
  • Expand live chat to customer support page – Week 2
  • Expand live chat service to entire site – Week 3
  • 24/7 operation – Week 4

Blended Service

You can transform live chat into  a 24/7 revenue-producing asset that can not only provide customer support but also improve conversion rates.

Conversion rate improvement

How it works

Any good live chat strategy begins with a comprehensive knowledge transfer process. Our agents are industry trained and have the experience of working with several verticals. Our objective in week one is to gather as much information as possible about your business.

We begin with a fine-tuned knowledge transfer process that lasts for about two weeks. The first week is basically gathering all the business/product information you have to offer and documenting it. The following week is when we begin the process of reviewing existing support requests. This is followed by mock tests with your internal team

We use a train the trainer methodology for our knowledge transfer process. Our senior trainer will participate in the initial training process as a fallback measure. This also helps in scaling up teams in the future. Our trainers will be used to train new recruits saving you time and effort.

Once our team is trained and have successfully completed the initial period of engagement (typically 1-2 months). We work with the client to develop SLA’s that help define service objectives and measure performance. These SLA’s also help forecast demand and allow us to scale up/down based on chat volume.

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