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A successful social media campaign involves multiple stakeholders. We recommend content and engagement be a part of client’s internal team as they understand their product & audience best.

However, managing a paid social media campaign is a whole different process and that is where we fit in. Our campaign managers are trained to develop tactics & strategies that can turn fans into customers. They can utilize multiple tactics to help your convert reach into sales.

  • Product Feeds – Shopping Campaign
  • Reach – Awareness & Engagement
  • Re-marketing – Target & Convert
  • Traffic – Website  & Posts
  • Custom Audiences – Expand Reach

Campaign Objectives

Drive Sales

Social Media platform are no longer just for brand awareness, they can be used to drive sales. Shopping campaigns are an effective way to drive sales using product feeds.

Drive Traffic

If your objective is to drive traffic, social media campaigns can be used to target specific audience types to drive traffic and awareness.

Drive Engagement

if you are testing a new product/service or trying to get users to engage with your content, social media provides an excellent platform to drive meaningful traffic to your content.

Increase Reach

Social Media campaigns offer the possibility of reaching a wide audience globally. if you are look to expand nationally or internationally, social media has the reach to place your brand where it matters most.

Demographic Targeting

Selectively target users based on age, interest, gender and host of other parameters. This ensure you get the desired audience type for your campaigns.

Grow your Fan Base

If you are looking to launch your presence or just looking to increasing your fan base for future use, social media is the platform to grow your fan base.

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We understand the internet retail lifecycle from lead generation to lead conversion to lead retention.

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Our campaign managers are trained specifically to manage social media campaigns. Dedicated managers are assigned to clients to provide individual focus.

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We have managed over $50mil in campaign spends over the last decade for our clients.

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Marketing Objectives

Our Approach

Identify Objectives

Social media is very different from search and it is critical to identify marketing goals before getting started.

Identify Audience

The advantage of social marketing is that you can identify audience based on a wide range of parameters.

Research Competitors

We research competition to see what works and what does not. It is essential to study the type of content your competition is using for their campaigns.

Choose Tactics

Picking the right channels based on your audience profile is key to a successful campaign.